We welcome the following exhibitors to the Colloid and Surface Science Symposium. 

If anyone else would like to exhibit, please contact the Symposium Administrator to enquire about space available to exhibit.

Malvern Instruments, Ltd.

URL: http://www.malvern.com

Contact: Michele Giordano (michele.giordano@malvern.com)


Micromeritics Instrument Corp

URL: http://www.micromeritics.com/

Contact: Steve Fray (steve.fray@micromeritics.com)



URL: http://www.krussusa.com

Contact: Matt Hoover (mlh@krussusa.com)


Wyatt Technology Corp.

URL: http://www.wyatt.com

Contact: Lindsey East (least@wyatt.com)


Anton Paar USA

URL: http://www.anton-paar.com

Contact: Lillianne Hall (lillianne.hall@anton-paar.com)


Particle Metrix Inc

URL: http://www.particle-metrix.de/en/company/about-us.html

Contact: Gary Linz (Linz@particle-metrix.com)

Mass Applied Science

URL: http://www.massappliedscience.com

Contact: Gabriel DosRamos (dosramos@matec.com)

Invitation to Exhibit

We are writing to invite you to exhibit your products and services at the 90th Colloid and Surface Science Symposium to be held June 5-8, 2015 in the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.  The premier international conference in vibrant fields of colloids, complex fluids and surfaces, the Symposium typically attracts about 600 researchers from across the globe. A highly multi-disciplinary group of experts from academia, industry and government laboratories will discuss advances in colloidal dispersions and emulsions, wetting and surfactancy, complex fluid rheology, functional nanomaterials, self-assembly, advanced surface characterization techniques, etc. In addition to the most prominent leaders in the field, the Symposium typically draws about 150 students who will become the next generation of researchers in the field.

If you are interested in sponsoring an exhibit please contact Derek Barton (dbarton@seas.harvard.edu)