Keynote Speakers

Symposium Title

Keynote Speakers

Colloidal glasses and gels

Emanuela Del Gado (Georgetown)

Eric R. Weeks (Emory)


Michael D. Graham (Wisconsin)

Brian Kirby (Cornell)

Rheology of complex fluids

Jeffrey Morris (CCNY)

Chinedum O. Osuji (Yale)

Surface Science and Catalysis

Vicki H. Grassian (UC San Diego)

Maria Flytzani-Stephanopoulos (Tufts)

L. Robert Baker (Ohio State) – LaMer Keynote

Emulsions, Foams and Dispersions

Arjun G. Yodh (U Penn)

John Brady (Cal Tech)

Wetting, Adhesion and Surface Forces

Ali N. Dhinojwala (Akron)

Rosa M. Espinosa-Marzal, (Illinois)

Colloidal and interfacial phenomena in environmental systems

Robert J. Hamers (Wisconsin)

Subir Bhattacharjee (Water Planet, Inc)

Biological interfaces

Anita Shukla (Brown)

Anand Asthagiri (Northeastern)

Rebecca Carrier (Northeastern)

Y. Shrike Zhang (Harvard Medical School) – LaMer Keynote

Nanomaterials for biomedicine

Rakesh Jain (Harvard Medical School, MGH)

Thomas J. Webster (Northeastern)

Aaron C. Anselmo (MIT) – LaMer Keynote

Self-assembly at Molecular Scale

Nicholas L. Abbott (U Wisconsin-Madison)

Athanassios Panagiotopoulos (Princeton)

Particle Assemblies

Orlin D. Velev (NC State)

Kathleen J. Stebe (U Penn)

Jing Yan (Princeton) – LaMer Keynote

Recent Developments in  Nanomaterials

Rajesh R. Naik (Air Force Research Lab)

Laura Clarke (NC State)

Advanced Experimental and Simulation Techniques in Colloid and Interface Science

Roseanna Zia (Cornell)

Jodie L. Lutkenhaus (Texas A&M)

General Papers

Peter D. Olmsted (Georgetown)

Rui Wang (MIT) - LaMer Keynote